I graduated from Cornell University with a major in Information Science and minor in Business in May 2015. Technology has been my passion since I was 14, when I began tinkering with Windows XP and various video editing programs.

My proficiency & absorption in technology grew during high school, when I took my first web development & computer science courses. The Motorola Razr spurred my affinity for hardware in general, and mobile phones in particular. When Apple unveiled the first iPhone in 2007, my enthusiasm for technology morphed into the full-blown obsession which continues to the present.

I built my first website in 2008, and my first computer in 2009. During college, I learned that although I like to write the code for websites and programs as well as tinker with hardware, my true fascination is the process of conceiving a product and executing on the idea in order to create an optimal experience for the user. This led to me becoming a Product Manager.

My first experience with a real-world project and product management work began in 2013 with my first startup, daapr. I was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at daapr. During my tenure, I learned how to write production-quality code as well as recruit and manage a development team. We used Agile Development to build features & fix bugs. Daapr was a true test of dedication & perseverance: pushing to create a great product, while a full-time college student. This experience provided the credentials for my next venture at eBay, inc.

I interned as a Product Manager on eBay's Mobile Team during the summer of 2014, & I'm now a full-time PM for eBay's Verticals Team. I currently work on the SEO & Browse experience on both eBay's site & mobile applications.

In addition, I am the Chief Information Officer for MacroFuel Food.  My responsibilities predominantly covers building & managing our web presence & online store.  I also contribute to the team's sales, marketing and fundraising.

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Technologies that I have experience with:

Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, React, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Python, Java, SQL, Heroku, Git, HTML/CSS, Zurb Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, Materialize, Material UI, Compose, Braintree Payments, PayPal, Chef, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Karia Performance Monitoring, Squarespace, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Github, Bitbucket, Jira